P.O. BOX 8955


www.altusallsportsassociation.com or www.facebook.com/altusallsportsassociation


We would like for you to be a part of the ALTUS ALL SPORTS ASSOCIATION! Why? We are a great group of volunteers that help raise money for all of the Altus High School sports programs. We have been supporting our Bulldogs for  30+ years and with your help we can continue.  In the 2017-2018 school year we gave $22k to the sports to be combined with the unused balances.  We also purchased over 70 letter jackets and held a senior reception at the end of the year. 


Whew!  This takes time, fundraising activities and YOU!  Join us today and help us support OUR ALTUS BULLDOGS!!!


          President:   Leah Herring                 471-9989

          Vice President: Brandon Meyers      649-7489

         Secretary: Ivy Meyers                       649-8864

        Treasurer: Karen Sanchez              471-3212


Membership also grants you access to the Hall of Champions Room during Varsity Football home games.  While in the Hall of Champions enjoy free popcorn and soda, big screen TV's and restroom facilities.  There is also a punch card at the bottom for 10 free popcorn during Varsity Basketball home games.  Help support Altus High School Athletics!

Once A Bulldog Always A Bulldog!

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